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Rise of the Guardians (2012)

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Rise of the Guardians torrent

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Year: 2012
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Director: Peter Ramsey
Starring: Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Isla Fisher

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When the evil spirit Pitch launches an attack on Earth, immortal Guardians join forces to protect the innocence of children worldwide.
Rise of the Guardians is a nice impression on those imaginary childhood legends. It shows an interesting new mythology about them. It sets out to be very imaginative and totally honest. With these people making this movie, it's not surprising that they have managed to make this ambition. Although the story is a bit messy with certain pieces of endless action. Despite these shortcomings, its history is still strange magic and clubs heartwarming.The childhood caretaker, Jack Frost. Among caregivers, it is little known and trusted children. Its quite interesting because most of us only know very little about him, we intend to intrigue about its history. When he goes to the legend, it gets bigger and faster with more humor. The film is an action movie. Action scenes are so amazing and eye candy, but they somehow causes excessive little mess of a story. Its charming when they go to their relationships with their children, and her attractive when she explores the characters are wonderful worlds.The enough. The performances are great voice. Chris Pines performance is charming enough to make Jack Frost very pleased. Alec Baldwin brings so much joy to his character. Hugh Jackman uses his Australian accent Easter Bunny who really fits the character. Others are expected delightful.The Pictures are undoubtedly striking. Each scene of the film is spectacular and beautiful to see, you experience more magical. 3D enhances the experience more or less. The designs are inspired by nature. I bet that many will want Sandmans that look so nice. A music score adds sweet guardians sequences.Rise is a bit disappointing, but less satisfying. She has a heart in the right amount, but only half of the film. The rest is all action and fun, but not a bad thing. They can only be moderate madness and get some focus on the story. The film is still worth seeing. This could be a classic if it has a good story, but if you do not care then it will not be a problem. In general, it is full of excitement and beautiful animation. Rise of the Guardians can be considered one of the biggest films of the year.

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