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World War Z (2013)

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World War Z torrent

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Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
Director: Marc Forster
Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz

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United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time for the zombie pandemic toppling armies and governments and threatening to destroy humanity itself to stop.
World War Z, despite includes zombies who play more like the disaster film instead of a zombie movie. Its more than 2012 from Resident Evil. We see images crumbling cities of the rule of zombies and the world slowly turns into a zombie wasteland. Zombie large-scale attacks, big and very exciting, except in the upper sequence, which ends in a small scale, but it is also satisfying. He is a hero Gerry Lane, a retired United Nations investigator who is employed by what is left of the U.S. government to help young virologist Dr. Fassbach in the investigation of the virus. He reluctantly accepts the task in exchange for his family to be able to shelter U.S. Navy ship. After Fassbach dies (so funny) is determined to stop this epidemic. During his visit to Camp Humphreys in South Korea (where the zombie word first used in relation to the outbreak) to learn that zombies are attracted to noise. They also know that Israel has established itself as a safe quarantine area by itself in the wall. Civilians are not affected, regardless of nationality, can enter. But because civilians singing loudly through the microphone, zombies accumulate and manage to beat the wall and chaos known. This measure maximum run throughout the film. The scale is so great and this scene is very exciting. Millions of uninfected people who are caught with millions of zombies. Chaos is just indescribable. Add in the fact that zombies are mindless chaos and uncivilized, and just multiply. But this scene is not the only one. There's one from back in Philadelphia, where Gerry Zombies witnessed firsthand for the first time. Action sequences are a lot of fun, a lot, but surprisingly bloodless (which is typical for a movie with zombies). They do a lot, except at the top, which is determined on the ease of markedly smaller WHO, but the voltage is as high, and allow more shocks. Brad Pitt portrays the main character, Gerry Lane. His character has no personality here, as most of the time, he's also involved in the campaign. But Mr. Pitt gives a performance that is very pleasing. Rest of the cast give good results too and the agent does not burden the whole movie experience. This scenario is not too bad. Significantly different from the original book is a bit uneven, but the lines are meaningless. It works well because it contains the correct plot script to run. It's a sensible story and screenplay is aware of this. Its also worth noting that a number of comic scenes too.It is far from perfect, powerful action sequences, and his erratic, but World War Z is a lot of fun rides for everyone to enjoy. I would also say that her beautiful family, because children who appear to be very important signs. Another reason in favor of the family is her bloodless. It is truly a meaningful plot (unlike most movies contain mindless zombies), and if you ignore the small mistakes and plot holes, the World War Z took on one of the most fun to drive. Rating: Verdict 7/10Final: World War Z is uneven and far from perfect, but it is a fun and exciting ride that more accidents film instead of the typical zombie movie and quite family friendly.

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